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About Us

Let's Get Active

B-Fit inspires Black people to live more fit and active lives.


Our customized fitness boxes contain name brand, gently used fitness apparel (one athletic shirt and a pair of workout/yoga pants), workout gear (water bottle, jump rope or stretch band), and QR code links to thoughtfully curated fitness videos, health tips and music playlists.


We believe that living a fit life should be easy, fun and engaging and everyone needs a little motivation now and then. That’s why every fitness box comes packed with the style, fun and positive inspiration that only Black Culture can deliver.

We call this Black Fitness (B-Fit).


Whether you are looking for fitness apparel for yourself or wanting to share the gift of an active lifestyle with a friend or family member, “We got you!”.

Fit Couple

Active Lifestyle, Healthy Planet

B-Fit inspires active lifestyles and a healthy planet. 


Our customizable fitness boxes contain the clothing, gear and encouragement needed to live a healthier lifestyle and contribute to a healthier planet.


We source high quality second hand fitness apparel through consignment and thrift stores. This reduces carbon emission and saves precious resources like water and energy. Choosing a B-Fit Fitness Box for your activewear leads to a more active lifestyle and a healthier planet.

Meet The Team

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